Days 17-24: In Which I Find My Soapbox

I’ve got a lot of pet peeves… like, a lot.

People with a bad attitude, know-it-alls, and drama queens, to name a few. But there’s another thing that has quickly become an irritation of mine. Our easy, throw-away, give-it-to-me-NOW culture we live in.

We don’t want quality, we want quantity. We want no-fuss, we want hands-off, we want disposable, we want free returns, we want all your time and effort for free.

I saw a post made by a photographer where she voiced her frustration about people that ask for her to take their pictures for free. She responded by asking if they would fix her car, bake her a cake, or watch her kids for free. No! Of course not! That’s how they make their money, it’s not a charity. Which was her point exactly.

Now that I have a small business, I definitely feel this woman’s frustration.

Diaper Parties offers our knowledge and cloth diapering expertise for free. We spend money out of pocket to drive to meet you for personal consults, take time out of our day (in my case with kids in tow) to help you learn the ins and outs of cloth diapering. And we’re rewarded not with your business, but with you shopping around for a better price (you won’t find one by the way!) and paying for lesser quality counterparts made in China.

Thanks for that.

Now, I’m going to continue to help you for free. That’s my job. I want you to love cloth diapering and all-natural parenting as much as I do! I’ll text you back when your cheap diapers leak and I’ll respond to your frantic messages about ruined fabric, because I care about you. I want you to be successful. Is it so much to ask that you trust that I’m not trying to screw you over to make a sale?

Hey now! I’m on a budget! All I can afford is $5 “China cheapies”!

That’s not true, I have several different plans to get you cloth diapering full time while maintaining your usual budget. Not to mention, I’ll be with you every step of the way as you start.

Now, I’m going to be honest. Some mothers find success with diapers made in China. But that is never a guarantee. They are mass produced and come with all kinds of defects (trust me, there are horror stories) not to mention, you get crazy shipping times and a customer service email. These brands also rip off the legit diaper companies, taking their cloth diaper design and selling it as their own.

There’s a reason we steer you away from these kinds of diapers. Many mothers give up after a bad experience from cheap brands, but cloth diapering is not meant to be that way!

The moms of Diaper Parties chose this company for a reason. We’re a supportive group of ladies committed to our products and willing to go the extra mile for you, our client!

Why don’t you do us a favor and give us the benefit of the doubt.

Rant over đŸ™‚

Here are some links to articles on “China cheapies” and their dangers.
Recommending China Cheapies Makes Me Cringe
The Ugly Truth About Cheap Cloth Diapers
Cloth Diaper Knock-Offs and How They Hurt


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